Try our delicious rolled ice cream

Be part of the mouth-watering food craze sweeping the UK!

  • The exciting new way of creating a tasty ice cream dessert while-you-wait
  • Hand-made ice cream frozen treat made by pouring milk or yoghurt onto an iced grill
  • A variety of flavours and toppings including fresh fruit, chocolate and whipped cream
  • As many delicious and unique flavour combinations as you can imagine!

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Thai ice cream hire

You can try our rolled ice creams at festivals, fairgrounds, carnivals and other outdoor events up and down the country.

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You can also hire us for your own party or special occasion.

Whether it is your wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other special occasion. We can can cater for events of any size and both indoor or outdoor events.

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Rolled Ice Cream


Rolled ice cream is a mouth-watering new hand-made ice cream dessert that is made to order, while-you-wait.

It originates from Thailand and is the latest food craze sweeping the UK!  You can have any number of flavours and toppings to make as many delicious & unique flavour combinations as you can imagine!

  1. The fresh milk mixture is poured onto an extremely cold flat pan that is frozen to below -30c
  2. Then we add the flavours and toppings, such as fresh fruit, chocolate and whipped cream
  3. Then the magic happens. We mix, chop and spread the mix over the pan to create the scrummy dessert
  4. The mixture is then rolled and placed in a cup ready for you to eat